FUTREX® 6050A/Pc

Measurement for children and adults

FUTREX® 6050A/Pc
FUTREX® 6050A/Pc


The FUTREX® Body Composition Analyzer Model 6050A/Pc measures children aged 5 years and adults aged 18 years and older. The diagnostic system is supplied in a handy lockable aluminum case but in contrast to 6055A/Pc, without an integrated professional weighing scale.

The following parameters can be integrated within a few seconds via the
FUTREX® Software in PC mode (Host-Mode):

  •      Body fat in kg and%
  •      Fat-free mass in kg and%
  •      Muscle protein content in kg and%
  •      Proportion of bone in kg and%
  •      Proportion of water in liters and%
  •      BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  •      BMI (Body Mass Index)




Included Accessories:

  •      1x FUTREX® Software
  •      1x USB cable
  •      1x A/C Adapter (power supply)
  •      1x Light shield for children
  •      1x Light shield for adults
  •      1x Elbowmeter (optional)
  •      1x Biceps Locator
  •      1x Fitness Wheel
  •      1x Fat Finder
  •      1x Manual


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The information related to the NIR Technology (Near Infrared Technology) of FUTREX® diagnostic systems, can be seen at the following link.

Near-Infrared Technology




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FUTREX® Software
FUTREX® Software
FUTREX® 6050A/Pc
FUTREX® 6050A/Pc



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